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M.J.Power has for many years worked with both builders and homeowners alike providing not only free estimates on materials but also advice and information on the many options available in today's vibrant and ever changing marketplace. During our many years in business we have developed relationships with highly skilled trades and are able to refer people appropriate to particular jobs ranging from renovations to large multi unit sites.

While small single axle hiabs or one ton flat deck trucks are mostly used for delivery, from time to time situations arise where more specialized equipment is needed. Over the years we have learned that terrain and site restrictions may call for the use of larger cranes and stiff booms which can upon request be provided. Delivery using this type of equipment can usually be arranged within 24 hours.

  • Free Estimates
  • Contractor Support
  • HIAB AND Flat Deck Trucking
  • Larger Cranes & Stiff Booms can be arranged upon request